Network Fuel Card


Network Fuel Card

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You and your employees travel frequently and you want the best and the most convenient fuel stations network available for your business?

Altijd tankstation in de buurt
  • The Network Fuel Card gives you and your employees access biggest and most premium fuel stations network available.
  • In 2019, with the Network Fuel Card you will access each of the 1,510 Shell, Esso, Q8, Lukoil and DATS 24 stations in Belgium, and over 22,000 fuel stations in Europe.
  • NEW: the Network Fuel App will allow you to save time on your journey to success. Our App drives you instantly to the nearest stations wherever you are.

Why would you still rely on our services if you can fill up elsewhere?

We have selected four brands that are known for the quality of their service and fuels. At Shell, Esso, Total and Q8, you can always count on a guaranteed premium service, 24/7.

Why should you pay for services that are redundant for your employees?

Our biggest advantage is that our services can be handpicked à la carte. You decide which options are useful, and which ones aren’t. And because there is no termination fee or contract term, it means total liberty.

How does our network deal with theft, loss or fraud?

Our fuel stations are under permanent surveillance, even the card transactions. In case of theft or abuse, the card can be blocked immediately.

Does the Network Fuel Card have any other advantages?

Our fuel card saves you money. Quality fuels have less wear on the filters, reduce maintenance cost, improve performance and prolong the durability of your fleet.

Furthermore, this card is polyvalent. Your fleet can use it to buy lubricants, window cleaner, or even to pay road toll.

Are you getting tired of counting receipts and invoices towards the end of the year?

We make life easy! You receive one single VAT-invoice, approved by the fiscal authorities, that summarises all expenses.

Are you getting tired that your employees lose time looking for a fuel station?

On top of our already vast coverage, your employees can make use of the “Fuel Station Locator” to find the shortest route to a nearby station.



The Network Fuel Card has been providing its services to companies like ours for over 20 years. During that time, our network hasn’t stopped growing to provide coverage across Belgium and even Europe. All while maintaining the same level of quality, wherever your cardholder may be.

Up until 2012 the Network Fuel Card was known as “NTC”, an exclusive card for Belgian leasing companies and their customers. But not anymore! Today, every Belgian company can use our card, regardless of your leasing plan, or the size of your fleet.

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